NBA 2K24 Badge Grinding Boost Service [TW Badges]

TW Badges

NBA 2K24 Badge Grinding Boost Service [TW Badges]




- If you purchased a reservation, you will receive 20% off as well as priority service for FREE! Make sure to select "No" for priority service, as this will be given to reservation holders automatically.


- All clients will be contacted once their spot in line has been reached, typically with the high amounts of orders we receive, it may take up to 2-4 days before we can begin the grinding process without a reservation. Once we contact you, we will then ask for your login info and will begin grinding your account. Keep an eye on your email.

Once we have begun the grinding process, expect typically a 1-2 day turn around time for smaller orders, larger orders with more complex badges can take anywhere from 3-7 days but this is NOT a guaranteed time frame.


Once you've paid, you will be receiving a confirmation email confirming your order, once we send you a 2nd email confirming that your spot in line has been reached, you will then respond with your login information. After that, we will be letting you know ahead of time when to expect our grinders to start working on your account.

Once our grinders have begun the badge grinding process, it is MANDATORY that clients do not sign into the account until the grinder is finished unless given permission otherwise. This is so our grinders can get accounts finished ASAP without interruptions.

- By purchasing this product you agree that under NO circumstance will you make a false chargeback claim. Any false chargeback claims made against us are subject to legal action.

- Absolutely NO REFUNDS on orders that have been started. Once an order has begun, we will not refund under any circumstance.